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I (Sabieh Anwar صبیح انور ) am delivering four lectures on NMR/MRI for the biophysics course in January 2012, co-taught by Dr. Mumtaz Sheikh and Dr. Shahid Khan. On this webpage I will post the literature and ideas of term papers relevant to magnetic resonance.

Material on NMR from previous courses

Reading material

Ideas for term papers

I will evaluate student understanding on the basis of a term paper which should be 4-5 pages long, must describe the underlying physics and highlight the application of concepts learned in the classroom lectures to solving problems of biomedical interest. Students can work in pairs. The deadline for submitting the reports is before the mid-term. The exact date will be communicated later.

Grading will be done on the basis of:

  • submitted report (both students in a group will get the same grade)
  • a 10 minute long presentation by a member of the group and an oral examination (I will choose on the spot which student will deliver the presentation)

Here are some sample projects and reference material.

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