Energy spectroscopy gamma rays

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Gamma-ray spectroscopy (2.19)

Student's Manual In this experiment, we will analyse energy spectrums of Cobalt-60 and background radiation and calculate the mass absorption coefficient for lead. Also the different ways in which gamma ray photons interact will be studied.
Sample Results A calibrated Cobalt-60 spectrum for a voltage of 800 V and for a coarse gain value of 4.
A calibrated energy spectrum of background radiation taken at 750 V and a coarse gain value of 8 built over a time interval of around 80 hrs.
Mass absorption coefficient is the p1 parameter in this case.The graph is of ln(I/I_o) vs thickness using Co-60 peak with E=1.33 MeV.
Further Readings and References "Nuclear Experiments Manual" University of Virginia, Revised Oct 3, 2006.
"Interactions of Gammas", Advanced Laboratory, Physics 407 University of Wisconsin Madison,, Revised 27.4.2014.
"ORTEC gamma ray spectroscopy manual"
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