Final Year Projects in Physics Lab 2015-6

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These projects will be supervised by Dr. Sabieh Anwar. Please contact me for scheduling an appointment if you like to take up one of these projects. There will be one student per project.

Title Level (Graduate/Undergraduate) and Background Skills
Universal magneto-optics of superlattices: Finding reflection and transmission coefficients in superlattices comprising magnetic (positive and negative permeability), graded magnetic and non-magnetic media. TAKEN. G and physics Theory and experiments, optics, electromagnetism, mathematical modeling, numerical simulation, growth and characterization of thin films.
Magneto-plasmonics: Investigating how magnetism enhances (or undermines) plasmonic effects and how plasmonic interactions can enhance magnetooptic effects. G and physics Theory and experiments, electron microscopy and e-beam lithography, optics, mathematical modeling, quantum mechanics, electromagnetism.
Decoherence and diffusion: Using the generalized Langevin equation to predict the decoherence in the presence of engineered gradient fields, and how does it impact measurements of molecular diffusion. UG/G and physics/math Theory, quantum mechanics, random processes, spin physics.
FPGA based magnetic resonance: Design and development of an FPGA based magnetic resonance spectrometer. UG/G and physics/EE Theory and experiments, embedded programming, FPGAs, analog electronics, DSP, basic quantum mechanics.
Kalman filtering for classical and quantum problems: Studying the modeling and filtering of random signals, in particular using state state approaches and applying these results to classical and quantum settings. Practical examples will be implemented, for example, in drifting rotational motion measured with inertial sensors. TAKEN. UG and physics/EE Theory and experiments, signals and systems, numerical computation, signal transduction, classical mechanics.
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