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Measuring Muon Lifetime (2.20)

Student's Manual In this experiment, we will measure the lifetime of cosmic ray muons using high-speed electronics such as Nuclear Instrumentation Modules (NIM), Time-to-Amplitude Convertor, Multi-Channel Analyzer and Picoscope.
Sample Results The histogram obtained for the muon lifetime experiment using ROOT.
Raw data with the fitted exponential curve in MATLAB.
Amptek DppMCA software interface.
Further Readings and References "The Speed and Lifetime of Cosmic Ray Muons", Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lulu Liu, Pablo Solis, November 18, 2007
"Lifetime of the Muon", NP08, Oxford Physics, Particle Physics Projects Manual, revised MGB Oct 2006.
"Determination of the Muon Lifetime",The University of California, Physics 122 course, Experiment Manual, Winter 2014.
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