Report Typesetting

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Students are required to type their lab reports in LaTeX. To be able to use LaTeX on your computers, follow the following guidelines:

(1) Install Miktex from the website. MikTeX is a very nice implementation of LaTeX.

(2) Install an editor. A free editor is Texniccenter. Another editor that requires a password is Winedt.

(3) Try compiling the following sample files. If it works, and a pdf or dvi or ps output is produced, well and good. Use the template for typesetting beautiful documents rich with mathematics, equations and graphics. A sample source code is available for download. All images must be in eps format.

For example, figures made in Matlab in .fig format must be saved as *.eps and imported into the LaTeX source code.We normally use Adbobe's Photoshop and Illustrator for formatting of bitmapped and vector graphics respectively.

Here is a zipped file which provides you with a nice ready made template to get started in LaTeX.

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