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Third National Laboratory Immersion Program 2014

25-26 August 2014


The National Laboratory Immersion Program is a training and orientation program organized by the Department of Physics, School of Science and Engineering (SSE), LUMS. The third workshop in this series will take place on 25-26 August at the Physics Department, LUMS. It is co-organized by the Pakistan Physical Society. For details of the First and Second Workshops that took place in Lahore and Sukkur, please visit this link.

Target participants:

NLIP-III is targeted at post-graduate students, researchers and teachers who are involved in the field of physics education and experimental physical sciences.

Up to 60 participants will be selected from all over Pakistan primarily seeking their strong interest in experimental investigations of physical phenomena and interest in teaching laboratory courses. Particularly welcome are teachers from colleges with newly established B.Sc. Honors and M.Sc. Programs.

Format of the workshop:

The workshop will span 2 days and will comprise interactive lectures, laboratory work, demonstrations and guest lectures, from seasoned instructors.

Inside the interactive laboratory sessions where the participants will be guided through the complete cycle of:

  • generating physical data,
  • understanding data and inferring physics from data,
  • impeccable recording of practical work through laboratory notebooks, and
  • presenting results with an acute sense of precision, significance, relevance.


Registration, fee and important dates:

  • Participation in the workshop will be by registration only. Click here to fill in the registration form.
  • The workshop fee is Rs 1500 for all participants that must be paid at the registration desk. The fee entitles you to lunch, breakfast and dinner tokens.
  • No TA/DA will be provided.
  • Accommodation will be the responsibility of the participant. However, selected places are available in LUMS (at cost) and you must indicate your accommodation requirements in the form given above. We will inform you of the availability as soon as possible.
  • Last date for registration is 31 July 2014.
  • Candidates will be selected on an ongoing basis, so please respond immediately and do not unnecessarily delay your registration.
  • The selected list of participants will be advertised on 4 August 2014 with a waiting list of 10 participants.


Click here to find the complete schedule of the workshop.
Click here for the detailed schedule of laboratory work.

List of participants

The list of participants is available here.


Dr. Sabieh Anwar, Associate Professor Physics, LUMS School of Science and Engineering
Amrozia Shaheen, Lab Instructor Physics, LUMS SSE
Junaid Alam, Lab Instructor Physics, LUMS SSE


Dr. Sabieh Anwar, Associate Professor Physics, LUMS School of Science and Engineering
Dr. Saadat Anwar Siddiqi, President Pakistan Physical Society
Dr. Mansoor Naqvi, Department of Radiology, Aga Khan University & Hospital

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