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Uncertainties in measurands

Students will be split into four groups and each group will be asked to perform one of these experiments.

Student's manual Uncertainties in measurands
Presentation Introduction to Uncertainty
Uncertainty Measurements Sample solution for Uncertainty measurement

Evaporation from a liquid (2.1A)

Water is placed inside a dish and allowed to evaporate; one measures the mass of water with time.

Craters in sand (2.1B)

Lab Manual
The formation of craters in sand is dependent on the striking energy; a process reminiscent of the variety of craters formed by asteroids striking the moon.

Sliding friction (2.1C)

A block slides down an inclined plane; a protractor is used to the measure the inclination.

Density of steel (2.1D)

One finds the volume and mass of ball bearings and estimates the density.

Further Readings and References "Crater formation in the laboratory: an introductory experiment in error analysis", J.C. Amato, R.E. Williams, Amer. J. Phys. 66, 141 (1998).

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