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Introduction to the Lock-in Amplifier (2.2)

Student's Manual In experiments, we repeatedly come across situations where we want to measure the response of a system and the response is feeble or is buried in excessive noise. Through this experiment we introduce the art of precise measurements using a lock-in amplifier which is an integral component of several experiments in the physics lab.
Equipment Manuals Lock-in Amplifier
Optical Chopper
Photo Diode
Further Readings and References "A basic lock-in amplifer experiment for the undergraduate laboratory", K.G. Libbercht, E.D. Black and C.M. Hirata, 71, 1208-1213 (2003).

The Art of Electronics Paul Horowitz,W. Hill , 2nd Edition {Cambridge}, Pg. 184,430-433
Calibration sheet of Photo Diode

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