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National Workshop on Mathematical Aspects of Quantum Information Science (May 22-23, 2013)



Quantum Information Science (QIS) is a burgeoning field combining the best of a deep mathematical understanding of the quantum world as well as technological prowess in harnessing and controlling these properties. This Workshop will comprise of tutorials revolving around the mathematical foundations of QIS. These tutorials will be aimed at graduate (MS, M.Phil, PhD as well as advanced undergraduate students) who are already well versed in quantum mechanics and wish to apply the principles to quantum information science and quantum information theory.

The workshop will survey key areas in QIS including the following:

  • mathematical structure of quantum states and dynamics
  • entanglement and its quantification
  • modeling decoherence and its counteraction
  • quantum control
  • quantum information theory, quantum cryptography and communications
  • quantum algorithms
  • topological quantum computation
  • Quantum Walk


  • Babar Qureshi (LUMS)
  • Ata ul Haq (LUMS )
  • Sabieh Anwar(LUMS )
  • Manzoor Ikram (NILOP)
  • Muhammad Abubakr (LUMS)
  • Farhan Saif (LUMS)
  • Shahid Qamar (PIEAS)
  • F. M. Bhatti (LUMS)
  • Salman Safi (COMSATS,ISD)


For a complete schedule of the workshop, click here.


The registration form is available here. the last date of registration is 15th May. 2013. The registration fee is Rs.1000/- for all participants, however, student's registration fee is Rs.300/- only.


F M Bhatti (Math, LUMS)
Muhammad Sabieh Anwar (Physics,LUMS)
Ata-ul-Haq (Physics, LUMS)
Manzoor Ikram (NILOP, Islamabad)
Shahid Qamar (PIEAS, Islamabad)
Farhan Saif (Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad)


LUMS, Sector ā€˜Uā€™, DHA, Lahore-PAKISTAN.


CASM: Miss Noreen Irshad (noreen@lums.edu.pk), Tel: 042 35608226/35608250 Fax: 042-35722591

Physics Department : Mr. Arshad Maral (arshad.maral@lums.edu.pk), Tel: 042 35608363

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