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The Physlab is constantly developing novel, interesting and exciting demonstrations to be used by physics teachers at the LUMS SSE, other universities in Pakistan as well as for schools and colleges. This is an ongoing project and we will keep on adding information here as the projects and kits build up.


Surface charges on current carrying conductors Electricity and Magnetism
Mutual Induction and path dependent electric fields Electricity and Magnetism
Magnetic Braking Electricity and Magnetism
Electromagnetic induction Electricity and Magnetism
Behavior of an RC circuit Electricity and Magnetism
Barkhausen Effect Electricity and Magnetism
Meissner effect and diamagnetism Electricity and Magnetism, Solid State Physics
Motional emf Electricity and Magnetism
Forces on conductors inside magnetic fields Electricity and Magnetism
Oersted's law Electricity and Magnetism
Heating by Cooling: Temperature Dependence of Resistivity of a Metal Wire Electricity and Magnetism
Semiconducting behaviour of thermistor Electricity and Magnetism, Solid State Physics
Galton Board Probability and Statistics
Candle in the Wind Electricity and Magnetism
Triboelectricity, Gauss's law and Van de Graaf Generator Electricity and Magnetism
Wimshurst Machine Electricity and Magnetism
Magic eye Modern Physics
Electron Diffraction Modern Physics and Solid Physics
Michelson Interferometer Modern Physics and Optics
Statistics of natural radioactivity Modern Physics
Charging and discharging of a capacitor - role of time constant Electricity and Magnetism
Optical tunneling Modern Physics, Quantum Physics and Optics
Hall effect in Semiconductor materials Modern Physics and Solid Physics
Fluorescence from quantum dots Modern Physics and spectroscopy
Energy-time uncertainty exemplified by lifetime broadening Modern Physics and atomic physics
Demonstrating diffraction of light Modern Physics and optics
X-rays as probes of atomic structure Modern Physics
Modern version of J.J. Thomson's experiment Modern Physics
Energy quantization Modern Physics
Franck-Hertz experiment Modern Physics
Excitation by electric fields Modern Physics
Phonon modes in a linear lattice Solid Physics and Materials
Close packing of atoms Solid Physics and Materials
Eddy currents and Lenz's law Electricity and Magnetism
Bicycle gyroscope Mechanics
Monitoring the ECG Biophysics
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