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<h2>List of Experiments for Lab-II (Fall 2014)</h2>
<h2>List of Experiments for Lab-II (Fall 2014)</h2>
<table border="2" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2" width="75%">
<table border="2" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2" width="80%">
<td bgcolor=gray>'''Experiment'''</td>
<td bgcolor=lightgray>'''Experiment'''</td>
<td bgcolor=gray>'''Contact person'''</td>
<td bgcolor=lightgray align=center>'''Last Updated'''</td>

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Preparing for the Experimental Physics II Laboratory

List of Experiments for Lab-II (Fall 2014)

Experiment Last Updated
Uncertainty in measurands Junaid Alam, Amrozia Shaheen
Introduction to the Lock-in Amplifier (2.2) Junaid Alam, Uzair Latif, Amrozia Shaheen
Temperature oscillations in a metal: Probing aspects of Fourier analysis (2.3) Junaid Alam, Uzair Latif, Amrozia Shaheen
Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDs) (2.4) Not being offered
Chaos and Non-Linear Physics (2.5) Junaid Alam, Uzair Latif, Amrozia Shaheen
Faraday's Effect (2.6) Amrozia Shaheen, Uzair Latif, Muzammal Khan
Studying Phase Transition With a Strain Gage (2.7) Not being offered
Noise and Autocorrelation (2.8) Not being offered
Michelson Interferometry (2.9) Junaid Alam, Amrozia Shaheen
Band Structure and Electrical Conductivity in Semiconductors (2.10) Junaid Alam, Amrozia Shaheen
Tracking Brownian motion through video microscopy (2.11) Junaid Alam, Uzair Latif
The Magnetic Pendulum (2.12) Junaid Alam, Amrozia Shaheen
Synthesis and Ferroelectric Properties of KNO3 films (2.13) Not being offered
Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (2.14) Junaid Alam
Surface Plasmon Resonance (2.15) Not being offered
Ellipsometry (2.16) Not being offered
Low temperature conductivity (2.17) Not being offered
Synthesis of high temperature superconductor using citrate pyrolysis and observing the Meissner effect (2.18) Dr. Murtaza Saleem
Gamma ray spectroscopy (2.19) Uzair Latif
Measuring the lifetime of muons (2.20) Uzair Latif
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