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Instructions for prospective summer researchers while working in the lab

1. Please log off or shut down computer when disappearing from lab.
2. Please respect your co-workers in the lab.
3. Student researches are not allowed access to shelved lab equipment. Always ask your supervisor or designate researcher for providing you the materials and equipment.
4. Avoid inviting your friends to the lab. This is a research area and disturbance to research activity is not allowed.
5. This is not a computer lab, of course, no eating in the lab.
6. If you need general help, best to consult your designate researchers.
7. In no circumstances, shift materials and equipments from one station to another.
8. Do not change your allocated station.
9. Please use commonsense safety protocols.
10. Please use commonsense measures to avoid disturbing your peers and co-workers.
11. All students maintain a scientific log book.


Report of summer internship work in 2012 & 2013

Summer research group 2015

Name Affiliation Pojects
Airas Akhtar First year Electrical Engineering student at LUMS Thermorefraction and thermoreflection
Sheroz Malik Junior EE student at LUMS Modeling the collisions of thermionically emitted electrons with Hg vapor and calculating mean free paths
Noor ul Ain MS student from BZU AlxMn1-2O2 Cathode materials for rechargeable batteries
Saif ur Rehman MS student from BZU AlxCo3-xO4 Cathode materials for rechargeable batteries
Taufique Jamil PhD from BZU Functional materials
Adnan Manzoor MS student from Mirpur University Group II doped ZnO materials
Kamran Malik PhD student from BZU Heuseler Alloys

Summer research group 2013

Name Affiliation Pojects
Hassaan Mubasher Computer Science sophomore at LUMS Counter, timer circuits and their control for detection of photons, electronic pulses from radioactive detectors and multi-channel analyzers
Hamid Suleman First year student at SSE Quantum erasure
Muhammad Faraz Sophomore electrical engineering student at LUMS SSE a) Testing of Hall effect experiment, b) Testing of Franck-Hertz's experiment, (c) automation and computer control of the latent heat of liquid nitrogen experiment, (d) can I see the anomalous Hall effect?
Zaki Jawaid Physics major at LUMS SSE Synthesis of a 1-2-3 superconductor and direct detection of the superconducting phase transition by flux expulsion using a GMR sensor
Asshad Azam Physics major at LUMS SSE Experiments with single photons
Mustafa Afzal Saeed Physics major at LUMS SSE Modern version of Romer's astronomical measurements of the speed of light

Miscellaneous Researchers in 2012

Name E-mail Experiment/Title
Muhammad Ali Valliani 2nd year Mechanical Engg. student at GIKI, Topi Surface plasmon resonance
Mujtaba Hussain M.Phil. student COMSATS, Islamabad Atomic studies of Rb vapor
Osama Usman M.Phil. student COMSATS, Lahore Superoperators for NMR Quantum information processing

Summer Research Group 2011

Name E-mail Experiment
Sarah Massoud Mechanical Engg. student at UCL, London, UK Magnetic Pendulum
Unab Javed Demonstrating the Hall Effect
Aroosa Ijaz a) Practical seismometry, b) Clinical fieldwork for homemade audiometry application
Muhammad Kumail Haider Direct detection of the superconducting phase transition by flux expulsion using a GMR sensor
Arslan Anjum Computer assisted experiments with the laser diode

Summer Research Group 2010

We had an overwhelming response of applicants interested in summer research. There were about a hundred applicants from LUMS as well as from external Universities. The following student of the freshman and sophomore classes are working on various projects including the IST Technology Transfer Project.

Name E-mail Experiment
Aleena Tasneem Khan Dielectric measurements of nanoparticle impregnated paper and common insulators
Ammar Ahmed Khan Design and fabrication of adjustable high voltage power supply (20 KV)
Syed Moeez Hassan 1) Determined a material Sandanio having properties comparable to Alumina Silicate and machined it to complete the Heat Transfer experiment assembly for IST.
2) Prepared the LN2 experiment for IST.
Syed Alamdar Hussain Shah Development of Electricity and Magnetism Experiment for the IST Technology Transfer Project.
Azeem-Ul-Hassan 1) Generation and Detection of Elliptically Polarized Light
2) Tracking Normal to Superconducting Transition using Flux Screening and GMR Sensors
Aroosa Ijaz Development of Hard Disk Experiment for the IST Technology Transfer Project.
Ali Raza Khan Temperature and Gaseous Conductivity Measurements using a Strain Gage
Hafsa Hassan Khan Statistics of Nuclear Radiation

Internship Reports for Summer 2010

1. Observation of elliptically polarized light using quarter waveplate by Azeem Ul Hassan.
2. The summer research experience by Aroosa Ijaz.
3. Machining of Sandanio material by Syed Moeez Hassan.
4. An Experiment to Determine the Affect of varying Temperature on the Resistance of Strain Gage by Syed Ali Raza.
5. Detection of Meissner Effect in YBCO using Giant Magnetoresistors by Azeem Ul Hassan.
6. Design and fabrication of adjustable high voltage power supply (20 KV) by Ammar Ahmed Khan.

Internship Winter 2009

Interns from LUMS: (December 2009 - January 2010 )

Following students were selected

Name E-mail
Saad Pervaiz
Ammar Ahmed Khan

Internship Reports for Winter 2009

1. Use of Sound Card as an Oscilloscope and Function Generator by Saad Pervaiz.
2. Measuring gravity using Electromagnetic Induction by Ammar Ahmed Khan

Students Demonstration

Physlab offers students to demonstrate the experiments to the freshman class of 2013. Following students were selected and they helps the physlab instructors in demonstration on different time slots. (September 2009 - December 2009)

Name E-mail Experiment
Daniyal Ahmed Filtering Noise in Electrical Circuits
Umar Shouk Butt Latent Heat of Vaporization of Liquid Nitrogen and Specific Heats of Metals
Muhammad Ahmed Riaz Magnetic Phase Transitions of a Ferromagnetic Alloy
Hafsa Hassan Rotational Dynamics, Moment of Inertia, Torque and Rotational Friction
Saad Pervaiz Heat Transfer and Newton’s Law of Cooling
Aleena Tasneem Khan Heat Transfer and Newton’s Law of Cooling
Syed Moeez Hassan Simple Harmonic Motion is Observed through Webcam
Hassan Najeeb Khan Simple Harmonic Motion is Observed through Webcam
Muhammad Bilal Optical Activity of the Chiral Solutions
Muhammad Usama Filtering Noise in Electrical Circuits
Omer Majid Mir Optical Activity of the Chiral Solutions

Internship Summer 2009

The Physlab has started a students internship programme whereas 15 interns will spend time inside the lab over the summers and help in the development of new experiments, testing and improvement of existing experiments and helping prepare the lab manuals.

The internship is planned from June 29, 2009 to August 22, 2009. During this period interns will perform their elective experiments in two groups. These students will also be assigned independent projects working with the Lab staff. To varying degrees, the interns will learn about data acquisition, basics of electronic circuit design, cryogenics handling, lab safety, scientific and technical writing, lab management, and of course, some exciting physics. Once in their stay with the Physics Lab, they will also make a field trip to the local market for technical supplies.

Internship Reports for Summer 2009

1. Measurements with liquid nitrogen: latent heat, heat capacity of tin and molar gas constant, Daniyal Ahmed and Umer Shouk Butt
2. Composition of ceramic mixtures used in electric heaters, Mohammad Ali Raahim and Muhammad Ahmed Riaz.
3. Measurement of the speed of sound by Hafizah Nameerah.
4. Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution for Helium Ions by Syed Moeez Hassan and Saad Pervaiz.
5. Designing Time to Amplitude Converter by Syed Mooez Hassan and Saad Pervaiz .
6. Rotational Damping by Hafsa Hassan.
7. Investigating Poisson's Statistics with Background Radiation by Hafsa Hassan.
8. Calibration of thermocouples and investigating heat transfer by Aleena Tasneem Khan.
9. Sound and Magnetism by Ammar Ahmed Khan

Interns from other institutions: (July 2009)

  • Arslan Mahmood (B.Sc. Electrical Engineering student, Dawood College of Engineering, M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi): Arslan is currently working on technical writing, PHP and other web technologies
  • Rameez Ahmad (B.Sc. Telecommunications student, FAST, Lahore): Rameez is designing circuits for detecting radiation events in scintillators and detected by photomultiplier tubes
Intern working with Liquid Nitrogen
Intern working with Liquid Nitrogen

Interns from LUMS:

  • First Group (G1): June 29, 2009 - July 28, 2009

Following students were selected in G1.

Working in the workshop using a hand-saw
Working in the workshop using a hand-saw
Hafsa Hassan, the best intern of Summer 2009
Hafsa Hassan, the best intern of Summer 2009
Name E-mail
Daniyal Ahmed
Umar Shouk Butt
Muhammad Ahmed Riaz
Hafsa Hassan
Saad Pervaiz
Syed Moeez Hassan
Hafiza Namerah Ali
Muhammad Ali Raahim

Hafas Hassan was declared as the best intern of summer 2009.

  • Second Group (G2): July 27, 2009 - August 22, 2009

Following students were selected in G2.

Name E-mail
Omer Majid Mir
Ammar Ahmed Khan
Aneeq Zia
Muhammad Usama
Bilal Aftab Usman
Aleena Tasneem Khan
Muhammad Affawn Ashraf

Former interns: (from the Lahore American School)

  • Naqsh Haque
  • Ismail Khan
  • Ibrahim Khan
  • Abrar Abidi (he also developed our former website!)
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