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=== Organizers ===
=== Organizers ===
* Dr. Sabieh Anwar (<br>
* Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar (<br>
* Azeem Iqbal (<br>
* Azeem Iqbal (<br>
* Mehran Rasheed (<br>
* Mehran Rasheed (<br>

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Hands' on workshop on graphical programming for the Physics Lab

Please fill this form in order to get registered for the hands-on workshop on using modern programming tools, in particular Labview, for measurement, sensing, control, signal processing, and data interfacing. This kind of activity is an indispensable feature in the modern experimental world. We encourage physics teachers to participate. Kindly circulate to interested individuals. The workshop is scheduled to be held from 22-23rd April 2016. The fee is Rs. 1000/- payable on spot.

For further details you can contact the following: Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar (Associate Professor)

Mr. Muhammad Arshad Maral (Assistant Manager)a

Schedule & Program

  • Date: April 22-23, 2016,
  • Time:
  • Venue: Physics Laboratory, SBASSE, LUMS.


Click Here to get registered for the event


  • Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar (
  • Azeem Iqbal (
  • Mehran Rasheed (
  • Bilal Ahmad (
  • Muhammad Arshad Maral (
  • Ali Hassan (
  • Khadim Mahmood (
  • Hafiz Muhammad Rizwan (
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