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Hands' on workshop on graphical programming for the Physics Lab

Data acquisition using modern technology is an integral part of any laboratory environment. It serves as the most important element today in research, development as well as teaching and experimentation. The advent of sophisticated transducers, sensors, actuators and signal acquisition devices empower researchers/students/teachers to find new horizons in their scientific investigations. But doing so requires essential knowledge of the basic associated tools and techniques that enable the use of such devices. In this regard, LabView, which is a renowned graphical programming software, is an essential resource to create programs that collect and transform data from the real world into the computer. So, to help develop our community of teachers and students Physlab at LUMS is arranging a hands-on LabView workshop training session. It is particularly targeted at graduate-students, researchers and teachers who are involved in the field of physics education and experimental physical sciences. The workshop will span 2 days and will comprise lectures, demonstrations and hands-on training from seasoned instructors.

Schedule & Program

  • Date: April 22-23, 2016,
  • Time:
  • Venue: Physics Laboratory, SBASSE, LUMS.
  • Registration Fee: is Rs. 1000/- payable on spot.


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  • Dr. Muhammad Sabieh Anwar (
  • Azeem Iqbal (
  • Mehran Rasheed (
  • Bilal Ahmad (
  • Muhammad Arshad Maral (
  • Ali Hassan (
  • Khadim Mahmood (
  • Hafiz Muhammad Rizwan (
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