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<td width="150">''Matlab Code''</td>
<td width="150">''Matlab Code''</td>
<td width="698">[[Media:pendode1.m|Matlab function file]]<br>
<td width="698">[[Media:pendode1.rar|Matlab function file]]<br>

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The Magnetic Pendulum (2.12)

Student's Manual In this experiment, we will explore the notion of chaotic dynamics using a magnetic pendulum.
LabView Code LabVIEW Data Acquisition file
Matlab Code Matlab function file
Sample Results Phase portrait: chaotic response
Time Series: chaotic response
Poincare Map: chaotic response
Fourier transform: chaotic response
Fourier transform: periodic response
Phase portrait: periodic response
Poincare map: periodic response
Time series: periodic response
Further Readings and References "Experiments with a magnetically controlled pendulum" Yaakov Kraftmakher, Eur. J. Phys. 28 (2007) 1007-1020.

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