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<td width="150">''LabView Code''</td>
<td width="150">''LabView Code''</td>
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<td width="698">
[[Media:SPR_Scan.zip|Thin film reflectivity simulation]]
[[Media:SPR_Scan.zip|SPR Scan]]

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Surface Plasmon Resonance (2.15)

Student's Manual Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) refers to the coupling of light with the coherent electron oscillations on a metal/dielectric interface. The resulting field propagates along the interface only, with no field propagation perpendicular to the interface. The purpose of this experiment is to understand the resonance phenomenon and to excite a surface mode on a Gold/Air interface.
Matlab Code

Thin film reflectivity simulation

LabView Code

SPR Scan

Sample Result

Reflectivity versus theta plot

Further Readings and References Laboratory experiments for exploring the surface plasmon resonance

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User manual for Laser diode temperature controller LDTC2/2 (Wavelength Electronics)
User guide for motorized rotation stage PRM1Z8 (THORLABS)
User manual for DC servo motor driver TDC001 (THORLABS)

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