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'''Stories from Physlab Studio 2015'''
== '''Stories from Physlab Studio 2015''' ==

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The following are the goals of the SSE Physics Lab:

1. Preparing an institutional and national platform for student-driven experimental research in physics.
2. Indigenous development of experiments for the laboratory and demonstrations for the classroom environment.
3. Training SSE students in world class experimental physics through required and optional lab courses.
4. Sharing expertise, resources and training in physics education with sister institutions and organizations in the country and the region.

Round-up: A round-up of Physlab's activities over the past five years. Written by Sabieh Anwar (January 2015).

Stories from Physlab Studio 2015
Group No. Students Project
2. Airas, Hira, Raseen Chladni patterns in a vibrating plate
3. Anas, Usman, Sojhal A dipole oscillating in the earth's magnetic field
4. Maryam, Maida, Maira Thermal and electric properties of a light bulb
5. Asad, Nasir, Haider Ali Studying characteristics of beverage bottles as Helmholtz oscillators
6. Khalid, Imtiaz, Junaid The vertical pendulum
7. Ubaid Ullah, Ali, Adil Friction on an inclined plane
8. Ifra, Adil, Bisma Conservation of linear momentum on a carrom board]
9. Saad, Saad, Abuzar Measuring velocity by electromagnetic induction
10. Zaheer, Abdur Rehman, Aiza Measuring speed of sound (to be uploaded)
11. Bilal, Hamza, Wajahat Design and construction of a Tesla coil (to be uploaded)
12. Ahmed, Ammar, Qasim Quantitative investigation of magnetic braking
13. Kashaf, Saad, Danish How do objects heat up and cool
14. Saad, Mahad, Ibrahim Flight kinematics of a fruitfly
15. Abdullah, Hafiz Ahmad Verifying Faraday's law and electromagnetic damping
16. Khizar, Usama Dynamics of emptying a cylinder
17. Bilal, Hamza, Ateeq Franck-Hertz's experiment seen in a new light

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